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October 2009

This week it was my wife’s birthday. Fortunately for me, it fell on the day when I had no classes in the evening, so we could enjoy our family time uninterrupted.

As has been our tradition for the last few years, I took the family to a sushi place


Today I had my first class in Business Ethics in this half-term. The class is shaping up to be a pretty soft one compared to the other two. One thing which is different about this class from any other I have taken so far is that it has no in-class final exam. Actually I take it back, Judgment and Decisions course has final exam online, but it is still in some form of exam.

60% of the grade in Business Ethics class will be based on the research paper we will have to write in groups of three people. The rest is derived from class participation-30%, and a short paper, two pages-10%, in a couple of weeks from now.

From other people, who took unrelated to my MBA program classes, I heard that they would prefer to have a final exam, one shot thing, instead of toiling on the paper for extended period of time. I am not sure yet what is better, until I will have gone through it.

The lecturer is an adjunct professor who works in some federal government agency in the commodities fraud department. From his words, he is investigating and building cases for civil prosecution of fraudsters dealing with commodities. We have already had, and I guess there will be more, actual cases from his practice – all anonymous of course. Based on this description you might have guessed that he is a lawyer by education and occupation.

Other then a few stories that he shared, including one ordeal dealing with moral issues from his own life, we were introduced to various ethical theories and their general implications. The book we are using in the course is Case Studies in Business Ethics (6th Edition) ISBN-10: 0132424320 ISBN-13: 978-0132424325. I got it new from amazon for $53 instead of $76 – list price.

We already discussed one case from the book, this is when I got a chance to look into it for the first time, seems to be quite entertaining and can be read as a novel with parables and stories interspersed throughout the text. That will be a welcome break from very dense reading on Financial Accounting, and Judgment and Decisions classes.

My only pet peeve about the book is that it’s a paperback. But since it’s not too thick, just 456 pages, I hope it will last through the next seven to eight weeks.


Today I had my first class in Financial Accounting II. I have different professor from my previous Fin Accounting course. And she is really very different: very sharp, to the point, very well organized. Her lecture, like the whole course, was very well prepared and laid out. And she was giving clear explanation to the concepts, as well as to the specifics that we were working on in the class.

As she stated in the class, she would not try to teach us how to do book-keeping, leaving that domain to accountants, but rather help us become intelligent readers/users of prepared financial statement. That’s exactly what I would expect from the MBA program: practical application and integration of diverse domains with respect to doing business.  

 On the Blackboard she already has almost all materials we will need in the course: lecture slides, lecture notes (expanded explanation of the subject matter covered during the lecture, which may, to a degree, serve almost as a substitute to chapters in the textbook), articles from magazines and newspapers for supplemental reading on every topic covered during the course, cases, practice problems, sample quiz from the past, and even solutions to the problems in the textbook.

I am really amazed by how much thought and work she has put into this class. I have great expectation for this course, just like for the Judgment & Decisions. Of course, it is obvious that this half-term of my MBA program will be much more demanding in terms of time and effort. I will definitely have to make more substantial sacrifices than in the previous half-term. Especially because of one more class that I am taking this time. OK, let the full immersion into part-time MBA program begin 😉


Why Part-time MBA?

October 27, 2009

in MBA experience

I did not have classes today and I took some time to skim the assigned chapters for Decision Making course. On weekend I will have to do more in-depth study and problems crunching.

Given a relative lull in my homework I also spent some time on writing about the reasons why one might consider part-time MBA vs full-time program. This is work in progress. I gave just common rationale for it , and hopefully I will be able to illustrate it with my own example and my personal reasoning for going part-time MBA some time later. This will give some additional insights to those who explore the possibility of doing MBA program and are torn apart between the full and part-time options. You can read about it at this page Why Part-time MBA.

To learn about more reasons of getting MBA in general read this article Why MBA?


Judgment/Uncertainty and Decision Making. Intro to Descriptive Stats

October 26, 2009

Today I had my first class in the second half-term: Judgment/Uncertainty and Decision Making. This course is a predecessor and pre-requisite for more advanced and, I assume, more quantitatively rigorous course Data Analysis and Decision. I actually liked the professor’s approach quite a bit, because it was in stark contrast with my Financial Accounting classroom […]

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Financial Accounting-I in the Hindsight

October 25, 2009

Over the weekend I had some spare time, namely sitting at the lounge for two hours on Friday and Sunday, while my younger daughter was having public skating sessions. I spent that time reading up the materials on my Financial Accounting I (the exam for which I already took on Wednesday). I knew that some of […]

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Laptop Selection and Microeconomics Final Grade

October 24, 2009

Today, since I did not have homework to do, I felt more relaxed and stopped by at the “Best Buy” to look at the available laptops. So far, I have not had my personal laptop, but I already anticipate that a laptop becomes more of a need, than just convenience with my progressing MBA studies. […]

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Schedule of Classes and MBA Textbooks on the Cheap (not quite)

October 23, 2009

As the half-term finals are over, there is in fact very little time to relax. My next batch of classes starts on Monday as I mentioned before. Next half-term is definitely going to be more excruciating.  If in the first half-term I had two classes, now I am going to have three. And two of […]

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Half Term is Over. Long live MBA!

October 22, 2009

I would like to start by saying that I have been enjoying my MBA experience so far. It has been challenging, but this is exactly what I like about it. If you try to keep status quo in your life and career, you inevitably slide back and loose the ground. I want to move forward, […]

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Prep for Financial Accounting Final

October 21, 2009

Took my final on Microeconomics tonight. It was not really very difficult. Total of 18 questions, ten of which were multiple choice, and eight – short answer questions.  Even though it did not seem to be very difficult, it took me more time than anyone else in the group to finish it. I was the […]

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Prep for Microeconomics Final

October 20, 2009

Spent the evening going again through the problems we solved in class and in homework. Microeconomics seems to me more intuitive than Financial Accounting. But still it’s a lot of formulas with just relatively few variables in too many different combinations, like P, Q, C, AC, FC, AFC, VC, AVC, changes, % of changes, MPL, […]

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Cramming for Financial Accounting Final

October 19, 2009

Spent the whole weekend, net of time taking kids to activities and parties, and attending Exam Review Session for Microeconomics on campus, preparing for Financial Accounting Final Exam, which is already on Wednesday. I have to admit it is quite a brutal subject for a ‘right brain’ person like myself. As professor mentioned in class […]

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Microeconomics and Impending Finals

October 18, 2009

For the last few days I have been playing around with the set up and tweaking of my site. I am still learning how to add new pages, posts, how to put them in proper hierarchy, etc. This is the reason why I have not been posting. I would like to have the site to […]

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Intro to My Blog

October 15, 2009

I am an MBA graduate from the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, DC. I graduated with my MBA degree in May 2012. In my blog I have been writing about my experience of going through the MBA program as a part-time student, full-time employee, full-time husband and father. I hope my experience will be […]

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