Decision Making Mid-term Results

December 1, 2009

in MBA experience

On Monday we received our mid-term papers for the exam we took last week. The answers had been actually posted a few day earlier, so I had general idea where I was standinng.

Nevertheless I was waiting eagerly as I saw some of my solutions to more complicated problems were conceptually correct, but had some glitches in implementation. So I needed to know how much, if any, of a partial credit I would get for those. The result was satisfactory for me. I got 80 points out of 100. Professor mentioned that the mean score was 82. Of course, I always try to shoot for the best, but still it was a good result for me personally.

The stuff we are covering in the course is really interesting. One of the practical things I really appreciate is learning all the cool stuff one can do with the Excel spreadsheets. The built-in formulas are pretty amazing, and I have never used or known many of the quite useful ones, first that come to mind is normal distribution and binomial distribution and their inverses. I can really see how it can be applied to practical issues.

Anyways, the mid-term is done. The final is going to be in class in just two weeks. That is going to be more challenging for sure.

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