Financial Accounting Double Mixer

December 3, 2009

in MBA experience

Yesterday I got a news on my final grade in Financial Accounting-I, finally. I got a “B” and was extremely happy about that. I had been really concerned about a possibility of just barely passing it. It is a good news, as it means that I am legitimately continuing with my part-time MBA program.

 Obviously, my last week cramming before the exam did yield some result. And,  apparently, since we are graded on the curve, there are some classmates who are struggling even more than I am with this class.

 I am not sure how comforting this thought is though, because now with the final for Financial Accounting-II just two weeks away, I find myself in the same situation of being frustrated and kicking myself for being stupid all over again.

And I have real reasons for being concerned. Yesterday, in addition to learning my grade on Financial Accounting-I, I also received my graded case/home assignment. Professor announced that there were only three grades for that case:

V+  (all correct)

V  (good effort)

V-  (try harder)

 Based on that scale I have to try much harder.

 Besides, it turns out that the textbook has some passages that are explained almost backwards. I would not notice this, but some other classmates did, and professor conceded to that. As if I did not have enought trouble understanding the stuff even when it is explained straightforward.

 Anyways, I already announced at home yesterday that I am going to be “virtually” absent for the next two weeks from almost any family involvement. It is probably especially hard because of all the commotion of the holiday season setting in the full swing.

 Well, I will just have to write it off as another MBA collateral damage 😉

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