Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs Research

December 5, 2009

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Added on October 4, 2010: I have uploaded my write-up for the case Effect of Pharmaceutical Companies Direct to Consumer Marketing on Doctor/Patient Relationship, which I did for Business Ethics class in my MBA program at GW, in the Business School Cases section of the blog.

My MBA program studies take more and more serious toll on the time. Makes me wonder why I still keep calling it it part-time MBA. 😉

Spent all day on Saturday and well into the night working on the paper in Business Ethics . My share was to reflect on the effects of Direct-to-Consumer advertising on doctor-patient relationship. Since I don’t really watch TV I did not realize the pervasive influence of this practice in so many aspects.

Anyways, I got carried away by all the material I digged up on the topic from the internet, so I ended up with a lot of overlapping with other guys’ portions of the paper. Since the write-up is rather raw in my opinion it could be easily scrapped if necessary.

I will post some links to the most interesting and relevant articles I used for the paper later. Now my focus is Financial Accounting and Decision Making finals that are just a week away.  

By the way, today we had the first snow in Washington, DC area. I only had a glimpse of it, since I have not left home alll day. This is very early for snow in our area. Most of the time we get snow no earlier than Christmas, if we are lucky. But this winter promises to have a lot of snow. I heard that it happens every 7-8 years in this area. Last time we had a lot of snow was winter 2002-03.  So probably it is that time again.

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