Girding Up for MBA Term Finals

December 8, 2009

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Now is the final week of classes for this half-term. Yesterday I had my last class before the exam for Decision Making. Professor has announced the format of the final. It will be a combination of in-class and take home assignments that need to be submitted online.

This time instead of 24-hours window for submission, as we had on the mid-term, it will be only 4 hours allowed between the download and submission of the assignment. The take-home part will be require usage of the Excel and other add-ons to Excel, such as @Risk, ExpertChoice. The in-class portion will be the duration of our regular class, which is 2.5 hours. That part of exam will be more conceptual, in pen-and-paper format.

I am nervous, but not overly worried about Decision Making, as I have built-up some reasonable portion to the grade through my mid-term and home-assignments.

What really makes my brain freeze is Financial Accounting. Somehow this subject is really overwhelming me to the point of despair. Frankly, it is not really that the subject matter is extremely hard. It is complicated, that’s for sure, but given the time I would get enough of it to be comfortable in knowing that I have a reasonable grip on it. But the pace of going through the material, wheather in the classroom or through the chapters in the textbook, is way too fast for me to get a hold of it.  

On Sunday we put a Christmas tree in our home. Some cheering up at least.

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