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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.The other day on my way to work I had a sugar craving. I decided to stop by at the store to pick up a doughnut for breakfast. When I have such cravings occasionaly, I usually stop at the Giant Supermarket.

This time I decided to check out what the doughnuts are like in Whole Foods, for a change. Of course, I am aware about the whole “natural/organic” slant of this chain. Occasionaly I shop there, but not as much for organic, as for something unique, something I would not be able to find in Giant.

I actually like their cakes – with icing made from real butter, not that other shelf-stable chemical compound found on cakes in most other regular stores.  

This time I was in for a doughnut. Turned out I was there for a surprise: Whole Foods store I visited does not carry doughnuts. I checked the shelves in a bakery corner twice to no avail. There were muffins and danish pastries, but no doughnuts. Not even some kind of “natural-whole-9-grains-bran-infused” doughnut. No doughnuts. Period. The end of story.

The cheese-jam danish I got instead was delicious. So I guess it was worth checking out anyways.

I suspected before that doughnuts are not the healthiest item on your breakfast menu. I did not realize though, until this time at Whole Foods, that doughnut is considered such a culprit, that it would be banned altogether from a “natural/organic” geared chain, such a Whole Foods Market.

That’s the true spirit of brand differentiation. 😉 As an MBA student I got a micro-lesson in marketing.