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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yesterday we had our final class in Financial Accounting-II before the exam. This was probably the first time I was not depressed after the class, because I was actually able to rather adequately follow the lecture. Professor gave us handouts for exam preparation and announced the materials available on the Blackboard in order to do more practice exercises. Knowing that those materials are available for preparation probably made me more relaxed. Now I need to actually follow through with the preparation.

To prove that MBA can be taught in a fun way, at least on occasion, at the end of the class we had Financial Jeopardy! It was actual computer simulation of the TV game with questions professor prepared herself for the class. To think that the MBA students would really fall for it was very bald of the instructor. On the other hand, she probably has done it before, so she knew it was well received by students in the last class worn out by all the toiling for the semester. Anyways, it was a blast. Needless to say it demonstrated again that I am not the only one struggling with the subject.

 Today I read an  article by an MBA student at ESADE Business School. It was about getting the exam results from the Financial Accounting. Two students from their class actually had to leave the school as result of that exam. Apparently stuff happens. Hope it will not happen to me.