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Friday, December 11, 2009

Yesterday was the last official class of scheduled sessions in my first semester of part-time MBA program. However, since our class in Business Ethics fell on Thanksgiving we are going to have a makeup next Thursday. But it is mostly irrelevant. Our final research paper is due at next class. This is probably the only reason I can forsee people not skipping it. Today we talked about racial discrimination and sexual harrasment in the workplace. It was interesting to observe that ladies in our class were most vocal on the issues. I learned a lot of “interesting” things I have been in blissful ignorance of.

For the research paper I am practically done. The portion I have prepared last weekend covered significant part of the outline we worked out and agreed upon in our group. The other group mate has covered her assigned portion. The third person in the group is going to fill the gaps, if any, which should not be much at all at this point. Her main task is to tie everything together, edit, make it cohesive.  Last night in class we confirmed that the “tie-together” person would pretty much finish the work, using us only if necessary for references. I feel relieved with this, as I need to concentrate on my Decision Making and Financial Accounting final exams.

And that is not going to be easy: on Friday we have a company holiday party in the evening, so this night is gone out of prep schedule. I hope I will be at least capable of doing something the next day. On Wednesday there will be a holiday lunch with co-workers on the client site where I am working right now. It will be the day of my Accounting final. I hope that will not produce much interference, since it’s lunch anyways.

Interestingly, the highlite of both parties is the gift exchange game. The rules of the game are the same, but it is called differently at each place. One is “A White Elephant in the Room”, the other – “Chinese Gift Exchange”. From last year’s experience – it should be fun whichever way you call it.