Holiday Party – MBA Is not “All Work, No Fun”

December 12, 2009

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How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.I admit, I tend to take my MBA classes quite seriously. It is especially true, because, being a “poet” I have to struggle quite a bit with my quantitative subjects. So I have to spend considerably more time to get those done, while some of my classmates breeze right through it with minimum effort.

That said, one still needs to have some balance in “life-study” relationship. That’s why I did not have a second thought whether to go to the company’s holiday party yesterday or stay at home preparing for finals. You can not just go to work and study all the remaining time 24/7. Besides, I had to cut on many of my extracurricular and family involvement quite significantly already.

Anyways, I went to the corporate holiday party with my wife yesterday. It was the most “lavish” party in company’s history to date. Nothing compared to the “head turner” parties the Wall Street had been (in)famous for in the past years, but for our small company it was a major upgrade. We had a party on a cruise boat on the Potomac. The company has grown over the past year, so I did not know half the people there. Most of us work on clients’ sites and don’t have opportunities to come together at all. So it was nice to connect to new people, and re-connect with those I had worked in the main office, but have not seen for quite a while.

To spice up the party,  I practically stole the show by taking on the role of a grand thief in the gift exchange game. I enjoyed it very much and so did my wife. The views of the night Washington and vicinities from the boat’s deck were quite magnificent at times.

A word of warning for those who have not been to these cruises on the Potomac before, but planning to do so. Come well in advance before the departure of the boat. My collegues who came 45 even 30 minutes before the 8 PM departure had no problem findng the parking space. We came at quarter to 8 and could not find any parking around whatsoever. I ended up parking a few blocks away in the residential building parking lot and had to run back to the pier to scarcely catch the boat. I was sure glad that my car did not get towed away while I was partying. Otherwise it could be a highlight of the party I would not be happy about, leave alone my wife.

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