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December 13, 2009

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Today I spent half of the day reviewing material for the take home part of the final on Decision Making. It was excruciating. After 5 PM I decided that there is no point to try to catch all the pieces of the course. So I downloaded the exam and just worked on the problems. It took me about 4 hours to go through the problems. It was quite tiring.

 There were total of 3 problems. I believe I did decent job on the two of them. The third one was based on the material of the last class we had on Monday and I have to admit I did not quite absorb the whole thing. The problem was on simulation. In class I thought I kind of got it. But when it came to actually do all the steps of the problem in the exam I got confused. I am not even sure I will get a partial credit for that.

One thing I was quite proud of myself was solving a problem on Linear Programming. Those problems can be quite complicated with all the inputs and constraints. It took me a while to properly identify and set up the solution, but I eventually did it. I really hope I did not mess up that one.

The third problem was on using ExpetChoice software. Those problems are quite straightforward. I actually like that application. Pretty neat, indeed.  The idea is that it allows you to turn non-quantified inputs, such as preferences of one alternative over the other on a number of categories,  into numbers. I think I will be using it for my personal decision making situations quite a bit.

Anyways, the week of finals for my first term in Professional MBA program was officially kicked off today with this at home part of the exam. Tomorrow I will have an in-class portion of the exam on Decision Making.

Really looking forward to this Friday, which will be for me the first day of recess. My spring term classes start on January 11. So it is about 3 weeks of no classes. I almost forgot what it feels like not to be stressing out about homework every day.  I hope the recess will be not only well needed, but also a well deserved one, based on my finals’  grades. A thought about Financial Accounting exam on Wednesday sends a shiver down my spine.

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