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Monday, December 14, 2009

The full name of this course in our MBA program is Judgement/Uncertainty&Decisions. During the exam the main descriptive of my state was “Uncertainty”. Out of this uncertainty was the necessity to make some decisions, based on a limited judgement. At least the torture was limited to just two hours.

Some problems were related to the stuff we have been doing in our homework assignments. Most of the multiple choice questions were based on one lecture on Forecasting, which we only reviewed in class (plus, of course, reading the textbook, for those lucky ones who had time for that too). 

In impromptu students exchange of opinions after the exam there were three main words: Horrible, Shoot, Clueless. I leave the expletives out.

Now I can leave this behind. I am confident that I built enough into my final grade with mid-term and homework to get a reasonable grade in this one, even if my final exam is far from stellar. I just wonder how many standard deviations away it is :-) 

My real concern, as always, is Accounting. Better get down to it now.