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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My first term in Professional MBA program at GWSB is just one day shy of conclusion.

I am back from my final exam on Financial Accounting-II. This time I was not nearly as depressed as after my Fin. Accounting-I in the first half-term. It does not mean that I necessarily did any better than that time, but the questions on the exam were making much more sense, and overall exam seemed to be more reasonable in terms of difficulty. Even compared to my Decision Making final two days ago it was more approachable.  One of the things that made it easier, at least to some degree, was that it was a multiple choice exam. It almost feels like professor was very hard during the term, but got easier on us for the exam. I do suspect that some of the questions that seemed easy were not in fact that simple, and I fell for the easy and “obvious” answer. I just hope that I got enough of them right to pass the course.

Nevertheless I am done with my finals. The only lingering thing is the research paper that is due at class tomorrow.  I am actually writing this post on a break from reviewing that paper for minor editing. After tomorrow I will be free and I will reclaim my holiday season, which had been almost non-existent for me until now because of the classes and preparation for finals. Yeah! 

I sure do have a lot of stuff to catch up with: from minor house maintenance, to buying a headlight bulb for my car, to checking younger daughter’s  homework, to moving this blog to designated hosting, to reading a book that is not a textbook, to … to … So many things have been put on hold in the last few weeks. I will sure find what to do in the next three class-free weeks.