Spring Term Part-time MBA: Managerial Accounting

December 22, 2009

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My professor in one of the classes I signed up for a spring term has already placed the syllabus and the home assignment for the first class. It actually happened a week ago, I just did not have time to get to it before. That’s almost a month before the first class! I appreciate this better than some of my other instructors who did not put the syllubus up until the second week into the classes.

That is actually very helpful since the subject is continuation of my “favorite” streak – Accounting. This time it comes in  a “Managerial” flavor. As my professor in Financial Accounting-II put it, it is going to be much easier “because there are no rules” in that kind of Accounting. I am  not quite sure what she really meant, but I am soon to discover.

Today I already ordered my textbook online:  Fundamentals of Cost Accounting

This time I again ran into this “international edition” copy of this book available online. I was quite tempted to grab that one, because it would cost me about $70, instead of the $100 I ended up paying for a regular edition from Amazon market place. But there were two turn offs on that edition:

  • First, it was a paper cover. I almost talked myself into that, and was about to go with it.
  • Then, I compared descriptions of the book, and the “international” copy was 680 pages, whereas the “original” for US distribution was 704 pages.

I suspect that most likely there are just 20+ pages of sales pitch, but I don’t know for sure. May be some online study options will not be available either. (I know there is some accompanying online material that goes with the textbook.) At any rate, I bit the bullet and paid extra $30 for the piece of mind. I am actually planning to start reading the book before the classes. Hopefully, it will arrive in time for me to read up on it, with all this holiday online shopping going on in full swing.

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