Part-time MBA Fall Term Graded

December 23, 2009

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Today I received my last grades for the second half term in fall semester. This makes it closed both officially and emotionally 😉  I am happy that I made it through. My GPA is actually still over 3, inspite of my little snafu with Financial Accounting-II. Hurray and on into the winter break and celebration time!

I mentioned before that I was looking forward to reading some books that are not textbooks on my vacation. The books are still related to my MBA program though. That is not much of a surprise to me, as I am trying to tone my brain for the business stuff covered in my core MBA courses. Albeit maybe from a bit lighter perspective.

About a month ago I put a hold on a couple of books in our public library with expectation that I would have time to read them during the winter break. The books are:

The first one I picked as I quite enjoyed reading the first book Freakonomics by the same authors this summer before the start of the MBA program. The second book was on more than one “recommended reading” lists for MBA students on summer break.

When I originally put a hold I found out there was a queue for both of them. I don’t remember what was my position in queue at that time. Today, however, I checked it again: Superfreakonomics – position in queue – 147, Outliers-75. That’s quite amazing. With this speed I will be lucky to get them by spring break, but more likely for summer reading!

It’s OK, I have already identified other reading targets for the winter break to keep myself busy.

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