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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Tree in RockefellerCenter

Christmas Tree in RockefellerCenter. December 2009

Some more amusing stuff about New York city from our holiday trip.

When I say “amusing”, you need to keep in mind that it is amusing from a “countryman’s” perspective of a suburban Washington, DC dweller. So these are the “amusing” things in New York for me. The NY city residents just take it as a matter of fact, of course.

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  • I took my laptop with me in expectation that I would be able to check out some stuff when I need it on the internet. We stopped at the Starbucks shop and I fired up my computer to get a location of some store we wanted to stop by. I was utterly bedazzled to find out that there is no free wi-fi access in New York city Starbucks. That was a shock. In DC area Starbucks shops have wi-fi free for all. Not that I ever used it, but I saw the signage and people using it every time I get into Starbucks around here. 
  • I enjoyed walking down the streets which were not wide enough for both the vehicles and pedestrians, so that pedestrians had continuously to overflow on the road from the sidewalk.
  • I heard more foreign speech than English while walking down the streets of New York. And those foreign languages were not all Spanish!
  • The New York city Central Park Zoo is not much to boast about. It’s very small, and adult admission is $10.  The Zoo in DC is at least ten times bigger and it’s free! The most disappointing thing is that they don’t even have most of the animals prominentlly featured in Madagaskar/2  movies. The only characters that could be related to that cartoon movie are penguins and lemurs. But no lions, hyppos, giraffes or zebras for that sake.
  • Getting out of the city on a holiday weekend is a lot of fun (not). It took us two hours fifty minutes to go 2.5 miles from the parking lot to Lincoln tunnel. That was really an eye opener to spend all this time in traffic with average speed of about one mile per hour.
  • I really liked the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. It was gorgeous, marvelous eye candy. I also liked the crowdiness of the Rockefeller Center plaza. It was energizing.  Here are some pictures of the Christmas tree and Rockefeller plaza  for those of you who did not make it to it. All pictures are taken with my new smartphone Nokia E71x, I’m loving it.
Rockefeller Plaza Christmas 2009

Crowd at Rockefeller Plaza in New York. Yuletide 2009

Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center-2. December 2009

Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center-2. December 2009