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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leave of absence from the blog, that is.

It has been over four months now since my last update on the blog :-( . Even my summer break last year did not take me away from posting on my site for that long.

There has been a lot going on, so I kind of slipped back quite a bit. A few of the excuses, however lame, for my absence: end of the Fall term with its finals, Holiday season, search for a new job – all at the same time. After that – transition into the new job from early January on, which required more focus on learning the intricacies of new position and environment. And then, of course, just plain slackness kicked in, after I got out of the routine of posting.

Anyways, I am back now. I am still doing my part-time MBA at GWU and now I am coming close to the end of the Spring term. In the time of absence from the blog so many things related to my course work and the program happenned, that it is hard to decide now where to start from. Many of the things were relatively small and could be of relevance in the right time, but now seem irrelevant. Other things were more substantial and newsworthy, but sort of stale now.  This, by the way, was yet another reason for prolonged absence – just hard to think where to start from after a month or two of not keeping the blog.

So I decided to resume my postings with something that has relevance to MBA students most of the time – business case analysis. I posted my analysis of a case from Harvard Business School – Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group. This was one of the cases we had to prepare individually in our Consultative Processes class.

Hopefully, I will take up the slack somewhat and make up for the missed time.