On Wednesday I got done with the first module of the Fall term at GWSB part-time MBA program . In the last week I was scraping up to finalize two group project papers, two final in-class group presentations and a final exam  administered online. It was very taxing period, to say the least. I spent more nights writing well after midnight than I am willing to admit 😉 . Now it’s over and I am getting a little breather before the start of the second module.

I will have to do some semi-leisurely reading for my Macroeconomics class that I start next Thursday for the second module. I also have some negotiation simulation to prepare and conduct for my ongoing Conflict Management and Negotiations  class that is due in two weeks, but I will consider it as a mini semi-vacation after the pressures of the last week.

Even though the past week was quite exhausting, I could not help but remember my emotions at the end of the first module of my first year in the part-time MBA program at GW School of Business. At that time I was seriously concerned about the grade I was going to receive for my Financial Accounting I class. And even an opportunity to watch a movie on TV after almost two months of “abstinence” seemed like a luxurious treat. I am more confident in my grades now than then, and I am not as hungry for movies, as I actually has watched a few of them during the half-term. I will probably still go to the movies with the family over the weekend.

As for “relaxing” activity tonight, I chose to watch “Final Offer recommended by our professor in Conflict Management and Negotiations class. If you are interested in the subject of business negotiations, and specifically union negotiations, I also recommend this documentary on negotiations between Canadian chapter of UAW and GM in 1984. It is actually quite appropriate time for watching the film since in the past couple of months there have been negotiations going on between the UAW and the “big three” for the next three years contract. Some of those negotiations are closed already, but some are still going on. Anyways, to get a behind the scenes scoop on how those negotiations done, you can watch Final Offer online. Quite and interesting account of real negotiations.


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