Final MBA Term First Day of Classes

January 23, 2012

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Today was my first day of classes in the final term of part-time MBA program at George Washington University School of Business. I had two classes piggy-backed from 4.30 PM to 9.40 PM. I don’t have classes for the rest of the week in the first Spring Module, so it seems like a reasonable workload. But in the second module I will have two more classes added during the week. At that time it will be very much like taking  an equivalent of a full-time MBA student load for seven weeks. The only consolation is that by mid-May it will all be over – I will become one of about a hundred thousand freshly-minted MBAs graduating this year in the USA alone. Huge company!

The classes I had today are Organizational Processes and Change Management and Global Corporate Responsibility. Both are 3-credit classes full-term long. In my post Rate My Professors – Validated! I mentioned that all my electives for this final term I selected strictly on the ratings of professors at Of course, I am interested in the subject matter itself. But if it was not for a good instructor I would choose different class of my interest. I also got additional endorsements from some of the classmates who had already taken these classes. My rationale was that for the final term, when I do have a choice, I wanted  to have the best professors I could get, so I could enjoy the classes and enjoy myself in those classes.

So far I am very happy about my choices. Though the classes will require quite a lot of work, I am OK with it, because both professors are very knowledgeable and well-qualified for their respective subjects. And what is even more important, they are very passionate about their subjects and seem to care a lot about students. Also, both classes were very engaging and interactive, inviting a lot of interactions between everyone in the classroom.

Aside from academics, I was glad to see and briefly chat with about five of my classmates from previous classes and other engagements, including a guy I met earlier through this blog. All in all, I am excited to be back on campus and am looking forward to a great Spring term ahead.

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