Mild MBA Senioritis Disease Case

April 16, 2012

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A couple of months ago I was at the parents meeting at my daughter’s high school. The principal and the staff were sharing information about the graduation activities, deadlines, dues, and such. Among other things there was a mentioning of “senioritis” epidemy that affects most seniors at the high school, and how we as parents should help our kids to fight the “disease”, stay the course, and stick it out in the last few months of school.

When I heard this term – “senioritis” I just could not help but smirked (inside). I kind of remembered my last months both at high school and college, and going through all those symptoms of decreased motivation and effort, difficulty to concentrate, etc. But giving it a pseudo-scientific name seemed to me a little too much. I also thought that by giving it this medical-sounding name, it was, in a way, normalized and justified in the eyes of the affected, as if it were something out of their control, like inadvertently catching a cold or other contagious disease.

I also thought that I had developed resistance to it, much in the same way as you don’t contract chickenpox again, once you have had it once. Little did I know that there is no resistance build up for this condition.

On the first day of classes of my second Spring module, and final MBA module for me, I met one of my classmates sitting on the porch in front of the Business School entrance. He looked, and talked, and otherwise acted in a very relaxed, laid-back, nonchalant way. He informed me right away how many days are left to the end of the school – he is also graduating in May like myself.

This was when I saw the first signs of this particular MBA strain of senioritis disease creeping on the campus of GWSB. In the following couple of weeks I noticed that I have developed some of the symptoms as well. I still have three more weeks of classes to go and quite a few deliverables to complete. But the whole attitude has changed – I am no longer as much concerned about the difference between a ‘B’ and an ‘A’ in any of the classes, as I used to be. I will do my nominal work to get by, but would rather not put an extra effort. As I mentioned someplace before in the blog, they call it a B-School for a reason.

And now that senioritis is legitimized through getting this pseudo-medical name, I can blame it on the epidemy, – not my fault, just happened to contract it from another sick graduate 😉 By the way, lack of motivation to post on this blog is yet another symptom of the disease.

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