GWU MBA Gala – Second Time’s a Charm

April 29, 2012

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Yesterday I attended an MBA Gala – again. I enjoyed every minute of it: saw a bunch of my classmates, met quite a few new people, danced through the night, got updates on people I have not recently seen in school, met a lot of “significant others” of my classmates, and even hopped on one after party. Just like the Business Gives Back event earlier this year – it was a blast!

About two years ago I was at the first MBA Gala in my part-time MBA experience. It was interesting for me to re-read that post and to see how much my perception changed over the time. Last time, for whatever reason, I was not quite impressed with the event. It could be attributed to any or all of the factors as follows: did not know most of the people in the room, music was too loud to talk, the venue was not as appealing, feeling too old for this kind of events.

This time, in contrast, I knew probably at least one third of the people when I came in, and close to a half, by the time I left :-). I can attribute this change to my recent transformation after the study abroad trip to France. Quite a few of the students I knew from my once a week going out after class with different groups of classmates in the last six weeks after coming from France (as opposed to just seeing their faces in the class without knowing anything about the person). All in all, compared to ten people from first year PMBA I saw at the first Gala, this time I knew people from all three programs: PMBA, GMBA, AMBA, and from all years in the program. It really felt great to see so many familiar friendly faces in informal setting. For some reason I did not even feel like an old fart any more  :-).

Sadly, this is one of the last times I will have a chance to enjoy the informal side of the MBA experience at GWSB. I wish I had realized the value of out- of-class experience earlier in my pat-time MBA ;-(.

This coming week I have my last three classes to attend. There is still a Graduation Gala, and one more after class outing, two commencement events: one for the GWSB and one at the GW University level. But after that my student life is over – a bittersweet goodby.

I still have three or four papers to finalize and one take home exam in the remaining week. So, I’d better go back to my homework for now.

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