Commencement Weekend – GWU Celebration

June 10, 2012

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It has been exactly three weeks since the GW University-wide Commencement on May 20-th. It was another very special event, not the least reason for that was that it took place on the National Mall. As a matter of fact, GWU is the only University in the nation that has its Commencements held on the Mall. And this year it was the 20-th time in the row. Maybe that’s why it was widely referred’ in the university’s communications as “monumental Commencement”.

Seeing my MBA classmates one more time before parting our ways was very sweet. Many of them, if not most, I will probably not see ever again. Even though I am determined to maintain relationships with as many of them as possible. Though it is not an easy task (here it is explained why), I will do my part (here again – why I am going to do it), and we’ll see how many of them are able and willing ;-).

Back to the Commencement. It was very well organized and quite uplifting. It had a decent lineup of celebrities and dignitaries. The Commencement key speaker was Brian Williams – national news anchor at NBC Nightly News and, incidentally, a GW-dropout. Fortunately, the GW did a very good job of documenting the Commencement, so you can watch Brian Williams’ Commencement speech on YouTube .

Another Commencement speaker was Carlos Slim. To most of us he is known as the richest person in the world who recently surpassed Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Though at the Commencement his philanthropic deeds were brought up more prominently. He was also a recipient of an Honorary Degree from the GW.

Another Honorary Degree recipient was Clarice Smith, she is an established artist and a GW alum. She, as well as her late husband Robert H. Smith, has been a benefactor to many great causes not only around DC area, but the world. Many educational institutions, including GW have been beneficiaries of their philanthropy. The Business School in University of Maryland is named, by the way, after Robert H. Smith. The Clarice Smith’s speech was very short, but got of a lot of applause. Probably because it was very short and sweet, especially coming after the Carlos Slim’s somewhat dragged out speech.

Here you can see the pictures from the GW Commencement-2012.
And there are a few shots I took during the Commencement included in this post. You can also read my brief report on GW School of Business Commencement that took place two days prior to the University’s.

Next week I am also publishing a guest post from my GW MBA classmate with some reflections on his Accelerated MBA  (AMBA) experience, including notes on the GW Commencement, so stay tuned.

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