45 Down and 7.5 to Go to MBA Degree

June 14, 2012

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Written by Ben Lee, part-time MBA student at GWSB, principal at BRL Consulting Group. Blogger at Sustainable Employees. The article was in the works for a bit and reflects Ben’s selection of courses back in April.

Yes, only 7.5 credits to go and I will have completed the MBA program at GWU.  Let’s review what has been completed: core classes, ISTM (Information Systems Technology Management) selective, SRS (Social Responsibility and Sustainability) selective, and Business Strategy class.  There is one more requirement that I have not completed: 3 elective credits that have a global focus.  Those three credits with a global focus can be satisfied by taking any international business class, study abroad or any other class that focuses on international issues.

Here is some background information about myself.  Academically, I started the program in the fall of 2009.  My preference would be to finish the program at the end of summer session, but I am open to returning to school in the fall to finish up.  Professionally, I run a human capital consulting company that provides HR solutions for small businesses.  I have also assisted in starting another business and plan on starting more businesses as well.  In previous electives, I have chosen classes that will help my business and starting businesses such as: Behavioral Factors in the Process of Change, Small Business Management, Developing Authentic Leadership, and Social Media Marketing.

With this blog posting, I’m going to take you through my process of determining my upcoming class schedule.  Both the Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 class schedules are available.  Summer registration begins on April 9 and fall registration begins April 10th (if necessary).  Here is the countdown:

T minus 6 days

My advisor sent all MBA students a Summer 2012 Elective spreadsheet.  After receiving this, I wanted to identify any class that will satisfy my global focus requirements.  At the same time, I wanted to see if I could find any other classes that interest me.

Here are the classes from that spreadsheet that interested me.  Unfortunately, none of them have a global focus:

  • Business Law –  Enterprise Organization (3 credits)  I enjoyed the business law class that I took in the program and I thought that it could be a good opportunity to learn more about business law.
  • Executive Decision Making (1.5 credits):  Any class that can give someone more tools on making better decisions during challenging situations is a plus.
  • Entrepreneurial Planning (1.5 credits):  This is an online class.  I took one online class and didn’t enjoy it one bit.  I do think I have a much better understanding of what the expectations are for online classes though.  The name of this class is right down my alley in terms of skills that I should learn should help me in the long-term.
  • Marketing of Services (3 credits):  This is an online class as well.  One area that I’m not that strong in is marketing and building a sales pipeline for my business.  This class should help me market my business help me increase sales.

 Now it time to look at a few more programs such as Human Organizational Learning (HOL), Professional Studies and graduate programs for a class that will satisfy my international focus requirement.

  • International & Multicultural Issues in Organizations (3 credits): This class sounds extremely interesting and would fit into my

Now, I need to confirm that I can take the International & Multicultural Issues in Organizations and that it will satisfy the Global Focus.  Plus, I need to try to find out what day and time the class is going to be.  I am sending my advisor an email tonight to find out the answers to my questions.

T-Minus 5 days

My advisor responded to my email regarding the International & Multicultural Issues in Organizations and it is a study abroad class.  Therefore, that class is crossed off the list.  In my class last night, a fellow group member recommended that I take Conflict Management & Negotiation which is not offered this summer.  Based on the registration menu, the class will be offered in the fall.  If I take this class in the fall, then I must take a Global Focus class during the summer.  Right now, the plan is to take Executive Decision Making and a 3 credit class with a Global Focus this summer.  Now, I need to find that class.

T-Minus 4 days

While, I’m not quite back to square one, I really need to take a global focus class.  Ideally, that class will be in something that interests me and is something that I can utilize in the future.  I’ve looked at all the classes that are posted online and I found this class.

  • Regional Strategy – Multinationals (88434), 3 credits, module 2, online

This class is taught in the International Business school so it will satisfy my requirement.  While, I’m not that interested in the subject, this class will satisfy my global focus requirement and allow me to take the conflict management and negotiations class in the fall.  Just for kicks, I’m going to check out ratemyprofessor.com for Fernando Robles (Regional Strategy – Multinationals) and Ernest Forman (Executive Decision Making).

  • Fernando Robles:  Overall pretty good ratings.  It sounds like you can determine how you want to be graded.  It also sounds like he’s a little stubborn, but in reality who isn’t?
  • Ernest Forman:  His two most recent comments were highly favorable for him, but all the previous ones mentioned that he was trying to sell his product “Expert Choice” and he is of poor quality.

Neither ratings will sway my decision on taking these classes.  I believe, I have done the appropriate research on the classes and professors and I’m going to stick with the Regional Strategy – Multinationals class and the Executive Decision Making class in the summer and I will finish my degree in the fall by taking Conflict Management & Negotiation.

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