Business School Cases

September 17, 2010

In this section of my blog I am going to share some of the business case study/case analyses that I have completed during my course of study at the MBA program at George Washington University School of Business.

All the materials placed here are authored by me only. Some of the written cases are complete final products that have been submitted and graded in my classes. Some others are just my portion of the group project in a very rough preliminary form. Parts of these group projects case analyses have been included into the final group paper, but not necessarily in the same contiguity as was originally submitted by me, some of it has been scraped for the “common good” or the sake of brevity, some portions have been so heavily edited for inclusion in the final group paper, that I could hardly recognize them myself. Usually this editing significantly enhanced the quality of the original submission though.

I am not placing here any final group papers because they are product of the group work, and I don’t have exclusive rights for them.

I intentionally do not differentiate which of the business case analysis papers are final products and which are just preliminary write ups. In many cases it is obvious though. However the purpose of sharing these case studies is not for someone just to copy/paste and submit them as their own creation in their respective undergrad/grad classes. The purpose for publishing these business cases write ups is to help you jump start your own thought process, give you some ideas and reference points, and maybe show some different approaches that you have not considered in your own preparation of the case analysis.

I am posting these cases as they become available and the time permits.

Samsung Single Spirit Case Analysis March 2012

Alice Saddy Organization Re-Structuring Case Analysis February 2012

Risk Management Assessment and Evaluation Case Study October 2011

Morris Valley Estate Winery – Case 3 Analysis June 2011

Morris Valley Estate Winery – Case 2 Analysis June 2011

Morris Valley Estate Winery – Case 1 Analysis June 2011

Barriers to Innovation. Sony vs. IPod Case Analysis June 2010

Globalization “The CEMEX Way” Case Analysis  January 2011

Nokia and SEMATECH Consortium Case Study June 2011

Decision Making Case Study February 2010

Competitiveness, Productivity and Innovation Case Study  June 2011

Zara Online Business Analytics Case Study October 2011

Tzolis v. Wolff Case Brief Analysis  June 2011

Hyman Freightways v. Carolina Freight Carriers Corp. Case Brief Analysis  June 2011

ApproTEC Kenya Case Analysis  December 2010

Emerging Nokia Case Study December 2010

Dahab Plastics Co Case Analysis December 2010

The Nature Conservancy Case Analysis November 2010

Mountain Dew Price Component of Marketing Mix June 2010.

Netflix, Inc.: DVD Wars  June 2010.

Kacey Fine Furniture – Consulting Proposal Letter October 2010.

Case Analysis of the Soda Tax Issue. June 2010

Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea. November 2010

Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group. October 2010

Business Case Analysis for Safer Chemicals. June 2010

Political Climate in Russia and FDI. January 2010

Citibank: James McGaran Performance Evaluation. April 2010

Harrah’s Entertainment: Rewarding Our People. April 2010

Nordstrom: Dissension in the Ranks? March 2010

Case Study of SG Cowen: New Recruits. Selecting the Candidate for Extending a Job Offer at SG Cowen. March 2010

Toyota Recalls and Public Relations Management Crisis. May 2010.

Effect of Pharmaceutical Companies Direct to Consumer Marketing on Doctor/Patient Relationship. December 2009