ApproTEC Kenya Case Analysis

January 8, 2012

Market research, distribution and promotion, impact monitoring

Some of the core strengths of ApproTEC are the passion of the founders about the cause, their firsthand experience with the needs of their potential customers, and knowledge of the intricacies of the local markets, which came from years of working in the non-profit arena in Africa. For ApproTEC to stay relevant, they need to continue and expand their market research in order to identify what new products could be introduced in order to have maximum impact on fighting poverty. This will help them both in selling their products to customers and in building and presenting a strong case for their potential donors.

The company has already achieved significant progress in promotion and distribution of their existing products in Kenya and Tanzania. However with their ambitions to expand further in Africa and beyond they would need to have more staffing with appropriate skills and knowledge in this department in order to efficiently deliver their products in the new markets.

Another unique characteristic of the company is their impact-monitoring program. ApproTEC should maintain and enhance this part of their outreach by increasing the number of staff and by equipping them with transportation and other technical means so they could reach a larger number of existing customers. The data collected during these monitoring follow up visits is truly invaluable, as it allows the company to better analyze the needs of their customers, get ideas for product enhancements as well as new products. It also provides meaningful information about the impact of ApproTEC’s activities for existing and potential donors.

If ApproTEC follows the guidelines outlined in these recommendation they will be able to fulfill the vision of the founders to “promote sustainable economic growth…” and their ambition to scale up for changing lives for the better of more people in more countries.